• Alibaba - Exceeding Expectations with the Biggest IPO Ever
    15974_alibaba_-_exceeding_expectations_with_the_biggest_ipo_ever 2014-09-22 05:37:10 UTC
    DIAAL NEWS - The biggest IPO ever is exceeding expectations. The stock price trading under the ticker “BABA” opened in New York today at $92.70. It looks like the IPO will raise over $25 billion definitely making it the biggest IPO in history. ...
  • Alibaba – What You Should Now About The Biggest IPO Ever
    Techcrunch_sf_2013_4s2a3709_marissa_mayer 2014-09-22 05:40:13 UTC
    Chinese Internet giant Alibaba is getting set for NYSE IPO. What does this mean for Yahoo stock? <strong>Alibaba is trying its luck on a foreign stock exchange, the IPO is expected in the next few days - not in Hong Kong, but in New York. A bi...