• Florida: Father Shots his Daughter and Six Grandchildren
    Tv-news 2014-09-19 16:02:07 UTC
    DIAAL NEWS - A terrible day in Bell, Florida: A father shot his daughter and her six children. Then he turned the gun on himself. The perpetrator is 51-year old Don Charles Spirit. The Gilchrist County Sheriff, Robert Schulz said, on Thursday e...
  • Hillary Clinton Frying Political Steak in Iowa
    Hillaryclinton_043012 2014-09-17 20:13:15 UTC
    By Michael Luz and Daniella Inbar Democratic presumed frontrunner makes sizzling appearance at event for Senator Tom Harkin. Diaal News - Senator Harkin’s steak fry is a Democratic institution dating back long before the Clinton’s themselv...
  • Zuckerberg says "Government Blew It" with NSA
    Zuckerberg-diaalnews.com 2014-09-16 22:30:34 UTC
    Diaal News - Mark Zuckerberg has sharply criticized the U.S. government for Internet-espionage: "The government blew it". The Facebook CEO again demanded that Internet companies can announce the scope of the intelligence requests after all Facebo...