Tragic Suicide in Case of Michael Schuhmachers Medical File Theft

By Eugenie Velte copyright DIAAL NEWS 2014 Updated at 2014-09-17 14:05:19 -0400


The night after his arrest a man has been found dead in his cell at the Zurich police prison. The man was Rega (Air Rescue) employee who allegedly stole the medical records of Michael Schumacher. On Wednesday, the Public Prosecutor had planned to announce the arrest that had taken place the day before but there was a tragic turn of events. Wednesday morning, an employee of the police prison Zurich brought the detainees breakfast in to his cell, and found him dead. The man had hanged himself during the night. Any other cause of death has been excluded. The Rega employee is suspected by authorities, to have stolen the medical records of Michael Schuhmacher, who was seriously injured at the end of last year while skiing in Méribel, and have offered them to various foreign media publications for SFr 60,000 (US$ 96,000)

Fatal Suspicion

As a joint press release of the Public Prosecutor and the Zurich Canton Police stated on Wednesday, the detainee denied the allegations during the first questioning of police on Tuesday. The district attorney’s office had planned further interrogation for the next day. This did not happen.

In the communication it is explicitly stated, that according to present knowledge of the prosecution there is no evidence of any further offenders being involved. The case has been closed.

The first lawsuit was filed in the canton of Vaud by Schumacher's wife Corina. A journalist had previously made Schumacher's management aware of the illicit offer. In early July, a French newspaper reported, citing the Grenoble public prosecutor, that the trail led to the headquarters of an air rescue in Zurich. The French investigating authorities had apparently traced the computer IP address, from which the offer had been made.

Rega (the air rescue service) admitted to having received the medical records prior to transferring Schumacher from Grenoble to Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) on June 6th, after Schuhmacher had emerged from his coma. Due to the medical condition, Rega decided against an air transport and instead commissioned an ambulance from the canton of Valais to do a ground transfer.

In an initial statement to the media Rega CEO Ernst Kohler said on Wednesday, "This tragic event makes us sad and speechless. Our thoughts and condolences are are at this moment with the relatives of the deceased and the persons connected with him." Further information was not given. "We do not give information out of respect for the families," said Rega spokeswoman Ariane Lendenmann. She did not answer further questions.

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